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coc hack - Clash of Clans Gem Pack Adder

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Instructions for COC Gems Adder Hack:


1. Enter a valid email and then click "CONNECT".
2. Select how many Gems you'd like to receive.
3. Now click on "HACK NOW" and wait for 20 seconds.
4. Your Clash of Clans Hack is now complete and you will receive a gem code activation in your email account provided.

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How it works?

This new generator looks for unused Clash of Clans card codes. These promotional codes are used by numerous companies and have not been sold. This new generator collects the unused codes and distributes them among you. After completing the hack process, you will receive a message with a code to be redeemed in Clash of Clans (iOS or Android). Enjoy your free gems!

coc hack - Add gems and gold almost instantly! presents the new version of our coc hack with the possibility to add unlimited gems, unlimited gold and unlimited elixir in Clash of Clans. In addition, we have improved the interface to make it easier to use on mobile phones and tablets. Our tool is totally online and works 100%.

Does this Clash of Clans hack really work?

All our hacks and generators are 100% tested by our testing team and we can guarantee that they work in all cases, without margin of error. This hack for coc in particular has been tested to the limit, we've obtained up to 99999 gems in a single attempt and there has been no account banning. We've tried other Clash of Clans hack but we've realized that they're all fake and are cheating people, we've created this tool to hack Clash of Clans so that people can get gems without paying real money or being cheated.

This coc hack tool works on your computer and adds all the resources you want to your COC account when you connect to the game server with your mail or user. You need a USB cable to use this tool. If you don't have a computer or USB cable, then use our Online Generator - only requires a browser on your mobile device!

What is Clash of Clans?

Clan of Clash is a game designed by Supercell created to play on Android and iOS devices and requires internet access to play it. You can see the full review in this article.

Clan of Clash is a strategy and team game, so we must know how to attack and find a good clan that is active, attacking and donor. How do I search for an active clan? It's very easy: in the clan finder we look for a clan that has at least 35-40 members and see all their donations. Each cup season lasts 2 weeks, so they should have at least 500 -1000 in multi-player donations to consider an active clan and donor (minimum 10 or 15 players with those donations).

First of all, we must create a clan castle in order to be able to join a clan. This will cost us 40,000 gold, so to save it has been said. At the beginning of the game we have some gems that we don't waste. I advise you to save so that you can buy later on the Barbarian King or builders. Don't worry, when they attack you, they won't steal gems from you. We have a week-long shield at the start of the game so no one can attack you, and if we attack, the shield will be removed.

We can get gems by destroying objects from our village, it will cost us gold stones and elixir trees, trunks, shrubs and mushrooms. They will also give us experience points to raise the level. With achievements we can also obtain Clash of Clans gems. The achievements are located on the right side of our screen with a woman's drawing.

At the beginning of the game, we must also create a gold storehouse to accumulate our loot. If you look at the top, we can only store 2,500 gold, so either we improve our warehouse or create a new one, but we must be able to store up to 40,000 gold to be able to create the clan castle and join a clan to help us.

By clicking on the bottom right we find the shop to choose resources where we will create elixir extractors and gold mines, which is important if we want to improve our resources.

It is important to create a wall to make things a little more difficult for the enemy. Once we have built a wall, a tower of archers and a couple of cannons, we will be preparing to improve our gold and elixir extractors, as well as the storage of these.

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